The Indika Alliance is permanently
closed as of June 2019.

Thank you to our donors who helped make a meaningful difference for India’s domestic workers and trafficking victims, over the past four years. Your support amplified critical programs operated by our India partner – National Domestic Workers’ Movement (NDWM) to prevent trafficking of young women; provide training, advocacy and assistance for women workers; educate child workers; and rehabilitate abuse victims.

Though the Indika Alliance has closed, a couple of our board members will continue to stay involved and assist NDWM as needed. We trust that NDWM’s tireless efforts and decades-long dedication to this life-changing work will continue to draw supporters.

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“…For the girls and women, the success of the movement represents a turning-point in their situation from modern-day slavery to a whole new life, in which they can make their own choices. It brings joy and satisfaction to all fellow workers, as well as to me.”

– Dr. (Sr.) Jeanne Devos