Improving the lives of girls and women
in domestic work, and helping to protect
them from trafficking and abuse.

The Indika Alliance is a Minneapolis-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of girls and women in domestic work in India. We do this through awareness building, advocacy and fundraising in the United States, and facilitating cross-cultural advocacy among young people in both countries.

We work in partnership with the National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM), India’s foremost organization for the support and education of domestic workers. Founded by Dr. (Sr.) Jeanne Devos in 1985, NDWM operates across 17 states in India to empower domestic workers in their struggle for dignity, justice and rights. The organization also works to protect children and young women from labor trafficking, and provides rehabilitation services for victims of trafficking and abuse. In 2012, Jeanne Devos and NDWM received India’s highest award for human rights from The Priyadarshini Global Academy.

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“…For the girls and women, the success of the movement represents a turning-point in their situation from modern-day slavery to a whole new life, in which they can make their own choices. It brings joy and satisfaction to all fellow workers, as well as to me.”

– Dr. (Sr.) Jeanne Devos