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NDWM-logoThe National Domestic Workers Movement (NDWM) is a secular, nonprofit organization that has been at the forefront of the struggle for the dignity, rights, and justice of India’s domestic workers. Founded in 1985, by Dr. (Sr.) Jeanne Devos, a Belgian missionary, NDWM has developed into a strong movement in which, domestic workers share solidarity and use their collective voice to improve their circumstances, obtain federal and state benefits, and seek protection when faced with abuse or exploitation. Currently more than 200,000 domestic workers are active members of NDWM, and they participate in and benefit from the organization’s programs and advocacy at the local, state and national level.

NDWM Programs

The National Domestic Workers Movement (registered as the National Domestic Workers Welfare Trust) and their subsidiary, the Jaan Foundation operate programs across 17 states.

  • Training and Capacity Building for Domestic Workers
  • Lobbying and Advocacy (at local, state, national, and international levels)
  • Registration of Domestic Workers for Federal and State Benefits
  • Crisis Intervention, Trauma Counseling, and Rehabilitation for Abuse Victims
  • Life Skills Training and Bridge Schooling for Child Workers
  • Trafficking Prevention Campaign at High-risk Source and Destination areas


NDWM has created significant impact for domestic workers through direct service, advocacy and policy change at the state and national level, and collaboration with multiple individuals and organizations locally, nationally and internationally. Learn more

National and International Recognition

2005 –Jeanne Devos was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, for her work with NDWM.
2009 –Jeanne Devos received the Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown by King Albert.
2012 –Jeanne Devos and NDWM received India’s most prestigious Priyadarshini Global Academy Award for human rights.


The National Domestic Workers Movement – India
Jaan Foundation
Sr. Jeanne Devos, Founder of NDWM
Dr. Jeanne Devos accepts the Priyadarshini Global Award for Human Rights
National Domestic Workers Movement – PBS NewsHour

Workshop for child workers

Workshop for child workers
Young advocates for domestic work

Young advocates for domestic workers