The Jharkhand Project


The Jharkhand Project protects young women from being trafficked by providing them with skills training and safe employment opportunities.

Jharkhand is a northeastern state in India that has the highest human trafficking rate in the country. Each year, hundreds of families who struggle with extreme poverty and basic survival are easily deceived into selling their daughters to traffickers who offer a lump sum payment, the promise of good employment and wage remittances. In reality, many of the trafficked victims are exploited, and more than 30% of them are never seen or heard from again.

In September 2016, construction of NDWM’s new building that includes a Training Academy and Hostel will be completed just outside Ranchi (capital of Jharkhand). This new center built and operated by our partner NDWM will be a beacon of hope for the impoverished communities around Ranchi. The Training Academy will provide a safe space for young people to gather and participate in skills training and educational workshops. The Hostel will house young women enrolled in NDWM’s new Skills Training & Safe Employment program. We are also working to include a new Rehabilitation Center for young victims of trafficking and abuse at this site.


What is the Skills Training and Safe Employment program?

This new program will focus on recruiting young women from high-poverty areas around Ranchi who struggle to overcome the threat of trafficking and forced labor. They will have access to training that enhances their professional development, gives them marketable skills and prepares them for job placements when they graduate. For many of the young women, this is their best and possibly only hope for a safe livelihood with economic stability and dignity.

Livelihood Opportunities for Young Women

Hospitality Industry Training – Conducted in partnership with the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ranchi: project

Program recruits who have a high school education and an interest in working in the hospitality industry will receive a 6-month training at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Our first batch of recruits began training on June 1st, 2016. Throughout the training period they’re provided with meals, transportation and stipends, and upon graduation they will be recommended for job placements at a Radisson Blu Hotel or other reputed area hotels. The next batch of recruits begin training on September 1st. The Radisson Blu is a global corporation with a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Arts & Craft Trade TrainingConducted in partnership with Bombyx a global arts & crafts entrepreneur from Switzerland: 
Young women who are interested in working in the arts & craft sector will be trained to sew, weave, produce high-quality products for sale in the international market, and build a viable trade with sustainable income for themselves.

Women’s Cooperative: Young women with minimal education and low skills will be trained to form a women’s cooperative that provides professional cleaning services or security services to local businesses. The group will also track the progress and safety of its members.

Additional Partners: We are seeking additional partners to help train young women in tech and other industries. Please contact if you are able to help.

Additional Anti-trafficking Activities by NDWM in Jharkhand

Rehabilitation Home in Ranchi – provides short-term housing, urgent medical and legal care and comprehensive rehabilitation services to girls and young women, rescued from trafficking or abusive situations. In 2015, more than 250 children were cared for at this home.

CHILDLINE Office at Ranchi Railway Station – Working in collaboration with government and law enforcement officials, NDWM staff operates a 24/7 office at Ranchi station that is a major trafficking hub. Every day, at least 2 or more minors are rescued from traffickers. NDWM also operates a 24/7 CHILDLINE phone hotline to track missing children or trafficking activity.

Education & Awareness Campaign – Each year hundreds of Jharkhand residents are educated on the dangers of trafficking via group meetings, video screenings, street theatre performances and local media.

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New Rehabilitation Center
Funding Gap: $20,000 – Your donation will help us complete the new Rehabilitation Center.

2017 Trip to India
If you are interested in visiting the Jharkhand Project and experiencing India with us in 2017, please email for more information.