What We Do


Our Mission

The Indika Alliance works to improve the lives of girls and women in domestic work in India by supporting their struggle for human rights, dignity and justice; and helping to protect them from trafficking and abuse.

Our Work

The Indika Alliance focuses on engaging individuals, institutions, corporations and organizations across the United States to build support and raise funds for our mission. As an all-volunteer organization, the Indika Alliance is able to maximize the impact of funds we receive, and provide our partner National Domestic Workers’ Movement and their subsidiary Jaan Foundation with financial support, expertise and stakeholder connections, thereby amplifying the impact of their efforts and programs.

Programs on the Ground

Trafficking Prevention: This program focuses on preventing the trafficking of young women from underdeveloped, rural and tribal areas in India.
• Educate families and young people on the dangers of giving in to traffickers
• Provide training and migration support to offset the problems of forced migration
• 2016 Skills Training & Safe Employment Program (The Jharkhand Project)

Capacity Building & Advocacy:what3 A variety of training initiatives are offered across 17 states in India to help women in domestic work learn how to work more productively, protect themselves & their children, and advocate for their rights. Currently more than 200,000 women actively participate in this program and their advocacy efforts have prompted crucial policy changes in minimum wage, welfare benefits, and sexual harassment protections for over 3 million domestic workers in India.

Crisis Intervention: This program is run in collaboration with local authorities and law enforcement to rescue young trafficking victims and domestic workers from abusive situations. Comprehensive rehabilitation services are provided at 3 MDWM rehabilitation homes across the country to help rescued girls and women overcome trauma and re-integrate into society with dignity and opportunities for a better future. Each year, this program serves more than 400 victims.

Education & Skills Training for Child Workers: Counseling, bridge schooling, life skills training and child-rights participation programs are offered to child workers and children of domestic workers across 11 states in India. Child workers are re-enrolled and supported in mainstream education or vocational training. NDWM also works with government and other civil society organizations to enforce the ban on child domestic work.

Indika Young Advocates’ Group in United States: A group of high-school and college students are working collaboratively across the U.S. to explore ideas and expand awareness, funding and support for the Indika Alliance mission.

Students and young adults who are interested in learning more about this program may email info@indikaalliance.org for information.