Denise D’Rozario

Co-Founder and Board Chair

Denise grew up in Mumbai, and then went on to live and work in Hong Kong and the United States. As a former advertising and marketing professional, Denise worked on a range of leading multi-national clients, across international markets, before she changed her focus from the corporate to the nonprofit sector. Denise is a passionate advocate for ‘education and access for children in poverty’, and since 2000 she has worked with several U.S. nonprofits in a variety of ways: advocate, mentor, consultant, fundraiser, and board member; to advance this issue. Denise served as past-Chair and board member for 10 years at The Family Partnership, the oldest human service organization in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

In 2015 equipped with more than two decades of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors globally, and with a mid-career degree from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Denise decided to focus her expertise and resources towards making a positive impact for millions of girls and women who are domestic workers in India. “As a 16-year old, I was troubled by the disparity between my own life and that of girls my age that worked as domestic helpers. While I attended college and parties, and made exciting plans for my future; girls my age, who worked in our home or the homes of neighbors and friends, could never dream of doing any of these things. They had no education, no opportunities and most importantly – no freedom to make choices for themselves.” The Indika Alliance is the realization of Denise’s long-time dream to contribute to the cause of women who are deprived of education and agency, and trapped in lives of domestic servitude and exploitation.

Denise D’Rozario
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