Impact in India

Through targeted programs, advocacy and collaboration, our partner NDWM has directly served thousands of girls and women, influenced policy change at the state and national level, and brought national and international attention to this important human rights issue. Here are some of NDWM’s key accomplishments as they continue to work towards large-scale change for India’s domestic workers.

Direct Service

  • Capacity building and advocacy training for more than 200,000 active NDWM members
  • 400 trafficked and/or abused young workers rescued and rehabilitated across five shelters each year
  • 5000 child workers provided with life skills training and bridge schooling
  • 50 rural and tribal locations reached through the trafficking prevention program
  • Thousands of domestic workers registered for state benefits

Advocacy and Policy Change

  • National Policy for Domestic Workers drafted by the Task Force constituted by India’s Ministry of Labor & Employment
  • Minimum Wage legislation passed in 10 states and union territories
  • Inclusion in The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act (2013)
  • Inclusion in the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act (2008)
  • Secured endorsement of senior government officials across multiple states
  • Government of India supported ILO Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers in 2011

Collaboration and Engagement

  • NDWM partners with several NGOs in India and around the world, and engages with policy makers and advocates to advance rights for domestic workers, and prevent labor trafficking of children and young women.

Update from India – Fall 2015:

NDWM works in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand in collaboration with the government and law enforcement to prevent labor trafficking of children and young women. The state of Jharkhand has one of the highest trafficking rates in India:

93 minors rescued and 18 traffickers arrested in July and August through NDWM’s work with the CHILDLINE railway project in Ranchi – Jharkhand’s capital city.

242 children protected from abuse and the threat of trafficking since January, through NDWM’s work with the CHILDLINE 24×7 phone program.

205 children provided with shelter, trauma counseling and rehabilitation services since January at NDWM’s Premashray Children’s Home.

Thousands of Jharkhand residents educated on the importance of protecting their children from traffickers via multiple communication methods including newspapers, video screenings and street theatre performances.

NOTE: With NDWM operations in 17 states in India, this trafficking prevention work extends to other states beyond Jharkhand as well.